Accessibility Training Opportunities for Your Organization

AODA Made Simple

The Ontario government is enacting a series of standards, referred to collectively as the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities, or AODA, with the goal of making Ontario fully accessible to people with disabilities by 2025.

The Customer Service Standard and the Integrated Accessibility Standards (which combine the Information and Communication, Employment, and Transportation Standards) have been enacted, and both public and private sector organizations are required to comply with their respective regulations.

Inclusive currently offers workplace trainings as required by the AODA. We offer on-site 90 minute training sessions for your organization. Contact us for more information.

Customer Service training:

  • Understanding Disabilities
  • Overview of AODA
  • Why should we bother?
  • What is a barrier?
  • What do we mean by accommodation, and for whom?
  • Communicating with people with disabilities
  • Alternative formats
  • Assistive technologies
  • Universal and inclusive design principles and practices
  • Resources

Information and Communication training:

  • Understanding Disabilities
  • Overview of AODA
  • Why should we bother?
  • Barriers to information
  • Document accessibility and transformation
  • Web accessibility for the non-geek
  • Media accessibility (video and audio)
  • Planning for a fully accessible meeting

Web Accessibility for Developers

  • Understanding how to write accessible code
  • An overview of semantic code
  • Validation and accessibility tools and how to use them
  • Template reviews
  • Final page reviews

Web Accessibility for Non-Technical People

  • How people with disabilities navigate the web
  • Learn about web accessibility standards
  • Tools and techniques to tell if a website is accessible
  • Inclusive design web practices