Video Description

Make Your Videos Accessible

At Inclusive Media and Design, we provide affordable video description – specializing in content for web, computer, and DVD. Our video descriptions provide the user with an accurate and efficient narrative of visual information, and details that cannot be explained by the main soundtrack alone.

Who Benefits?

People who have vision loss benefit the most from description, as well as anyone doesn't have access to the video track. Description can clarify or reinforce information being presented, which is benefical to everyone.

Why Us?

We provide affordable and accurate descriptions. Our video description software helps to speed up the description creation process. We offer a synthetic voice option – something already familair to most users without eye sight – which reduces a number of expenses dramatically.

Ten Reasons to Describe Your Videos

  1. Video Description helps to focus on details that may go missing, even for sighted viewers.
  2. Learn names and labels that you wouldn't get from the dialog alone.
  3. Multi-task while listening to video described content.
  4. Turn television into radio, and listen to your favorite shows
  5. Put video described shows on your iPod, and listen while walking, jogging, or driving.
  6. Provide additional language support for those with English as a second language.
  7. Combine video descriptions with captions for rich search engine retrieval.
  8. Meet or exceed the W3C Web Accessibility guidelines, adopted by many state provincial and federal governments.
  9. Your audio sounds even better with audio description.
  10. Make your content fully accessible for people who are blind or have low vision.