Make your videos accessible

At Inclusive Media and Design, we focus on captioned media (video and audio) for web, computer, and DVD.

Captioned media provides the viewer with a verbatim, synchronized transcript of all spoken words as well as non-speech sounds.

People who have hearing loss, a learning disability, or speak English is a second language, or anyone who finds it difficult to hear the audio track for whatever reason will benefit from captioned media.

Our captions are handcrafted by real people who are know how to create highly readable and accurate captions. Satisfied clients include a wide range of universities, museums, government, and businesses.

Ten Reasons to Caption Your Video

  1. Captions compensate for noisy backgrounds or where sound isn’t allowed.
  2. They provide a solution for poor audio quality.
  3. Quickly browse the video by reading the associated text as you drag the controller as the captions are always visible.
  4. Everyone can see the correct spellings of people, places, and things.
  5. Catch details that normally slide by unnoticed.
  6. Meet or exceed the W3C Web Accessibility Guidelines adapted by many state, provincial and federal governments.
  7. Captions can better enable search engines to find your content.
  8. Provide additional support for people who are learning English as a second language.
  9. Make your content fully accessible to people who have hearing loss.
  10. Video on the web or media player can even look better when the captioning is on.